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Posted on 2007.12.03 at 21:06
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Current Music: All'improvviso Amore - Josh Groban
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This afternoon was beautiful! I took two of the little kids two to go skiing. (crosscountry) The snow was really nice and fluffy, so that was good since I blazed the trail :) I took them through the woods on our trails and then down a couple fun hills. One of our cats, Saber, was following us! He kept getting left behind when we went down hills so I put him on my sholders and down the hill we went. He hung on and had a great time :D He likes to go sledding with the kids too so he wasn't very scared :) We skiied for a little over an hour and then came back to the house.

We have a sickness going through the house so I hope I don't get it!


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