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Posted on 2008.02.13 at 20:05
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Last night dad and I took the tractor into town because the liquid in one wheel was leaking really bad. This afternoon dad got off of work early to go pick up the tractor because it was done. I drove into town and then we loaded up the tractor and head back home. The weather was really bad and it had been snowing all day and the roads in town were slippery. Since our driveway is long and curvey and it was super slippery, we decided to unload the tractor at the bottom of the driveway and drive it up. We got everything unhooked and then the tractor wouldn't start...so we had to hook everything back up and hope we could make it up the driveway. We slide around a bit but made it up ok. I'm so glad we didn't get stuck!

We had a lot of snow come through along with a bunch of wind.

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